Tier changes incoming!

A big THANK YOU to my two patrons who have continually supported me thus far as I continue to feel my way through all of this. Your contributions mean more than you know. 

You may have noticed some changes to the tiers in the past week, but I want to assure you that nothing has changed. Your benefits remain the same. Only now, you’ll be getting just a little more! Starting next week, expect to see weekly updates of pieces I have in my inventory. These posts will include physical details and descriptions of each piece, and are available, forever, to all Patrons. You may filter these posts via the Drawings and Paintings tags.

I am also introducing the new Mind tier that allows patrons to accrue up to $1200 savings towards the purchase of a piece. This is your painting savings tier, and each contribution will be held towards your next purchase whereby all, or a portion of your savings may be deducted by your request. If you’re upgrading from a previous tier, the amount from the last month will be added to your balance. There are, for now, only 20 slots open for this Tier, so sign up for them quick before they’re gone!

Become a Patron!

Below is a list of how the new tiers now look: 

 Heart ($5 or more per month)

  • Insights into my sketchbook and studies.  
  • Exclusive access to my ENTIRE portfolio of created works. Browse through your favorite pieces anytime.
  • Access to patron-only content. 

Hand ($20 or more per month)

  •  Exclusive previews as I progress through major works.
  • All $5 rewards.

Mind ($50 or more per month) 

  • The painting savings account, invest in pieces you love! 
  • Each contribution is held toward your next purchase.  All or part may be used as requested toward a drawing or painting. 
  • Up to $1200 maximum may be accrued.
  • Includes $5 and $20 rewards.

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