Terms & Conditions on physical art sales through YQiN.art

Definitions and Application

In these contiditons, the following words shall have the following meanings:

“ARTIST” The artist, Low Yan Qing.

“CUSTOMER” Any Person at whose request or on whose behalf the ARTIST undertakes any business or provides advice, information or services.

“Artwork” The goods and/or creative services provided by the artist, Low Yan Qing.

“BASE PRICE” The price of the artwork(s) only before factoring shipping & handling, and tax.

Regarding Sales, Shipping and Handling

  1. The CUSTOMER may request an inspection of the Artwork(s) live, either in person or over zoom before committing to a sale. 
  2. All sales are final and do not include maintenance and repair of the Artwork(s) post-sale. Such a service may be considered under a separate agreement and only by the ARTIST’s own discretion.
  3. The CUSTOMER is required to pay upfront a minimum deposit of 50% of the Artwork(s)’s BASE PRICE to hold the Artwork(s) on reserve in cases that a full payment must be fulfilled at a later date, which can be no later than 30-days after the first invoice barring extenuating circumstances or acts of God.
  4. Shipping & Handling is included in the Artwork(s)’s BASE PRICE up to 20% of its BASE PRICE. Any leftover balance will be added to the final amount of each sale.
  5. A full payment for the Artwork(s), including shipping & handling and tax are required before any action to pack and ship the Artwork(s) is taken. Upon full payment, the buyer may expect shipment of Artwork(s) to happen within 30-60 days, depending on the complexity of packing & shipping related to the Artwork(s) purchased, and barring extenuating circumstances or acts of God.
  6. The ARTIST and/or her team agree to pack the purchased Artwork(s) with care and due consideration to the materials and forms of the Artwork(s).
  7. Any sales of physical Artwork(s) that has been made directly through YQiN.art will include the corresponding unique certificate(s) of authenticity signed by the artist.
  8. The ARTIST and/or her team may not be held liable for any damage to the artwork(s) in transit.

Regarding Rights, Distribution, and Resale

  1. Acquiring of physical Artwork(s) by the CUSTOMER does not permit them to any legal rights or possession over distribution of its image(s) or content(s). That and all copyright related to the Artwork(s) sold remains solely with the ARTIST. Any distribution of an Artwork’s image and content within the public domain may only occur at the sole discretion of the ARTIST and her team, the terms of which are to be laid out in a separate contract.
  2. Upon resale of Artwork(s) on the secondary art market, the ARTIST is hereby permitted to 10% of the gross profit made off the Artwork(s) resale, to be fulfilled by the CUSTOMER. This clause carries on in all perpetuity to apply to future sales of the Artwork on the secondary market, whereby the CUSTOMER refers to the owner(s) of the physical Artwork(s) at the point of sale, and the ARTIST refers to herself or executors of her estate in the event of her incapacitation or death.