Tier changes incoming!

A big THANK YOU to my two patrons who have continually supported me thus far as I continue to feel my way through all of this. Your contributions mean more than you know. 

You may have noticed some changes to the tiers in the past week, but I want to assure you that nothing has changed. Your benefits remain the same. Only now, you’ll be getting just a little more! Starting next week, expect to see weekly updates of pieces I have in my inventory. These posts will include physical details and descriptions of each piece, and are available, forever, to all Patrons. You may filter these posts via the Drawings and Paintings tags.

I am also introducing the new Mind tier that allows patrons to accrue up to $1200 savings towards the purchase of a piece. This is your painting savings tier, and each contribution will be held towards your next purchase whereby all, or a portion of your savings may be deducted by your request. If you’re upgrading from a previous tier, the amount from the last month will be added to your balance. There are, for now, only 20 slots open for this Tier, so sign up for them quick before they’re gone!

Become a Patron!

Below is a list of how the new tiers now look: 

 Heart ($5 or more per month)

  • Insights into my sketchbook and studies.  
  • Exclusive access to my ENTIRE portfolio of created works. Browse through your favorite pieces anytime.
  • Access to patron-only content. 

Hand ($20 or more per month)

  •  Exclusive previews as I progress through major works.
  • All $5 rewards.

Mind ($50 or more per month) 

  • The painting savings account, invest in pieces you love! 
  • Each contribution is held toward your next purchase.  All or part may be used as requested toward a drawing or painting. 
  • Up to $1200 maximum may be accrued.
  • Includes $5 and $20 rewards.

Events: ‘Birthday Suit’ @ Site:Brooklyn Gallery, New York

Birthday Suit

Enthused to be included in Site:Brooklyn Gallery’s upcoming group show ‘Birthday Suit’, juried by Benjamin Sutton. 

Opening: 15 March 2019  6-9pm
Where: Site:Brooklyn Gallery [map]
When: 15 March –  13 Apr

My piece ‘Seeker‘ will be available through Site:Brooklyn Gallery for the duration of the show from 15 Mar to 13 Apr. Click the button to find out more 🙂 G

Events: Online Exclusive with PoetsArtists

Adornments upon the soul...

Beautiful Beasts is a piece that I hold close to my heart and it means so much to know other people feel for it as I do. I am humbled and grateful to be included, alongside so many amazing artists in this online exclusive with PoetsArtists.


Adorn Me is an online exclusive show curated by Carol Hodes and features adornments of many kinds. For my part, I’m am most interested in the parts of ourselves that are always simmering under the surface, so close to the fore that they express themselves in all that we do. The experiences that mold us leave marks on our psyche, and we wear them like a brand unwittingly. 


Find out more about Adorn Me through this feature article on Beautiful Bizarre.

My Patreon Is Live!

Are you curious about how I do what I do?

I have multiple tiers on Patreon set up just for you, starting from $5. There, you’ll find insights into my process, including exclusive previews of my sketchbook and current work where I share my thoughts and motivations behind a major piece. My intention is to eventually start doing weekly posts that go into the technical side of the business, talking about technique, material sourcing, and networking.

The life of an independent artist is very feast or famine, and your contributions go a long way to tiding me through the rough times. Do consider popping by, if only to say hello 🙂

EVENTS: Art on Paper @ Site:Brooklyn, New York

Art on Paper

Fri, 18 Jan, 6pm to Sat, 16 Feb, 6pm

Site: Brooklyn Gallery, New York [map]

I’m so excited to have one of my pieces included in Site: Brooklyn Gallery’s upcoming show! ‘Art on Paper’ is just what it says, and is juried by Rebecca Lax. The opening reception will be on Friday, 18 January, from 6 – 9pm. 

For more information, please refer to Site: Brooklyn Gallery’s website [here].

This will be the piece on show:
Her Words Were Lost to the Throng